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A Recruitment Firm Providing Resources To Candidates

Search America also provides resources to the candidates themselves. It is our sincere hope that the tools we offer will make your job search that much easier and will help guide you for your next career move.

Candidate Headhunting

The Kawa Assessment and the Zone of Purpose Toolkit

The Kawa Assessment and the Zone of Purpose Toolkit are simple and effective tools that identify an individual's business values, strengths, and ideal business fit. The 32 online questions will help to reveal your professional values, strengths and business fit in a way you never imagined. After completing the assessment, Tracy will personally walk each individual through the results to help guide him or her on the next best steps. The cost of the assessment and consultation is $225. You may access the assessment here.

Resume Creation

A resume is a commercial to get an interview - it is your "career brand". By crafting an effective, succinct resume to advance your career, it requires more than just listing responsibilities. It's about shining a light on your key accomplishments and showcasing your best qualities. With a professional resume that turns your career into a streamlined accomplishment-focused document, employers will see the value and potential that you bring to the table. Your new resume will be written ensuring that you receive a professional set of documents that are tailored to your professional needs including a revised LinkedIn Profile. We offer packages for professional resumes, managerial resumes, and executive resumes ranging from $500 to $2500 that may or may not include career coaching based on your needs and desires.

Interview Preparation and Career Coaching

Landing an interview for possibly "THE job" is an opportunity to increase your long-term career opportunities, earnings, status, and most importantly, your happiness. By taking the time to prepare for an interview, you will be equipped to effectively communicate your skills, fit, and likability and decide if it IS "the job." We offer coaching packages that include mock interviews, salary research and negotiation, employer research, and job search overview sessions. Packages range from $500 to $2500 based on your individual needs.